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Metrology lab

Traditionally the weights and measures inspector would do very little other than test weights and measures. The modern day trading standards officer still does those tests but also has a much wider and very varied range of tasks to do. Weighing and measuring has developed into a highly specialised branch of science known as metrology.

The main role of our metrology laboratory is to maintain local standards of mass, capacity and length as required by the Weights and Measures Act 1985.

These standards are stored and used under controlled conditions to calibrate working standards. These working standards are then used by our officers to test the equipment used by manufacturers and retailers as a basis to a transaction.

As well as calibrations for legal purposes, we provide a calibration service to businesses that use equipment for general purposes.

To the laboratory manager, tel: 01629 533190 and ask for the trading standards metrology section.

Metrology calibration

You can apply for calibration that falls within the scope of the metrology laboratory.

Ask for metrology calibration

We'll send you a quote for your calibration by email.