Protocol 8

Protocol 8 should be used where there is a sole supplier in the market who can fulfil the requirement.

There are times when for compatibility or market reasons a supplier is the only source of a service, component or software, or is in a unique supply position

Protocol 8 specification
Spend typeSole supplier
Process requiredDue to the risks inherent in a sole supplier relationship you are required to submit a business case to the director of finance and the director of legal services to justify the use of a sole supplier
Minimum advertising requiredNone, however, where the requirement is above the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) threshold, the award should be published on OJEU (via Achilles) (Details of the current thresholds can be found on the Planning a procurement page)
Contracting requirementsThe formal best value process and contract terms and conditions must be approved by the director of finance and director of legal services
Award of contract
Below £20,000 - strategic director
£20,000 - OJEU threshold for goods and services - cabinet member
Above the OJEU threshold for goods and services - cabinet 

Please note the council's approval procedures for all contracts (including works and light touch regime projects) are based on the OJEU Threshold for goods and services.
Notification of biddersFormal notification in writing.
Publication of award
Inclusion on SAPMD4 form plus published catalogue (where possible) and contract detail

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