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Procurement Connection - Protocol 5

At present documents related to this page are being updated and have therefore been removed from the related documents section. 

If you require guidance or up to date documents related to this Protocol please contact the relevant Category Leads in County Procurement as follows:

Protocol 5 should be used for all expenditure between £50,000 and the relevant procurement threshold which is considered to be of a high risk.

Protocol 5 should be used to procure where we do not have an established purchasing arrangement (such as a contract or framework) for the goods, services of works required.

This process requires a formal tender process using the eTendering system, Due North.

Due to the process being a high risk a formal contract is required and must be developed in conjunction with legal services which safeguards us against risk. All risk assessments must be properly documented.

Protocol 5 specification

Spend type

All expenditure between £50,000 and the relevant threshold which is considered to be of a high risk to us.

Details of the current thresholds can be found on the planning a procurement page.

Process required

Formal tender through the eTendering portal - Due North.

Minimum advertising required

Source Derbyshire and the Contracts Finder (over £25,000) via Due North.

Contracting requirements

Our terms and conditions or other form of contract, approved by the director of legal services, as appropriate.

Award of contract

Procurements approved in the departmental service plan: strategic director.

Procurements not approved in the departmental service plan: Cabinet member.

Notification of bidders

Formal notification in writing.

Publication of award

The award of contract must be published as follows:

  • Source Derbyshire
  • Contracts Finder (via the Due North portal)
  • departmental contracts database

Inclusion on SAP

MD4 form plus published catalogue (where possible) plus contract detail.