Protocol 4

Protocol 4 should be used when purchasing from an established corporate contract.

A corporate contract is a contract that has been put in place for use across all departments.

  • Details of the winning bidder are published on our intranet under the A to Z of product categories and A to Z of suppliers.
  • For a number of these contacts, catalogues can also be found on the SAP system, where the department authorisation, through the scheme of delegation will take place when the orders are raised.
Protocol 4 specification
Spend typeUse of a council approved corporate contract
Process requiredSelection of requirement
Minimum advertising requiredNone
Contracting requirementsCovered by the contract terms and conditions
Award of contractNo formal award is required. Authorisation to utilise this contract is the strategic director level through the scheme of delegation.
Publication of awardNone
Inclusion on SAPNone