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Procurement Connection - Protocol 2 (A)

Protocol 2 (A) should be used where the procurement relates to the use of non-Derbyshire County Council frameworks.

Protocol 2(A) should be used to procure where we do not have an established purchasing arrangement (such as a contract or framework) for the goods, services or works required.

Protocol 2(A) specification

Spend type

Use of a non-Derbyshire County Council framework.

Approval process

Due to the risk of a challenge it is necessary to submit a business case including a risk assessment to the director of finance and the director of legal services for approval.

The approval process for procurement business cases is managed by the county procurement team using an automated workflow process.

Prior to the submission of  a business case for approval it should be reviewed by our risk and insurance team, email  or and the departmental finance business partner should be made aware of the cost implications.

One of the 2 business case templates attached to this page should be used to write your business case. When completed the business case is ready to be sent for approval using the business case submission form.

The business case owner completes the details in business case submission form which carries the business case to the correct approvers. Detailed guidance is attached to this page.

Minimum advertising required


Contracting requirements

Approval of the framework documents by the director of legal services.

Award of contract

Procurements approved in the departmental service plan or below £50,000: strategic director.

Procurements not approved in the departmental service plan: Above £50,000 to £500,000 Cabinet member.

Above £500,000: Cabinet.

Our approval procedures for all contracts (including works and light touch regime projects) are based on the threshold for goods and services.

Notification of bidders

Formal notification in writing.