Protocol 2

Protocol 2 should be used where the procurement relates to the use of non-Derbyshire County Council frameworks above £20,000

Protocol 2 specification
Spend typeUse of a non-Derbyshire County Council framework above £20,000.
Process requiredSubmission of a business case to the director of finance for approval. This should cover value for money, local impact (supported by a local sourcing evaluation), the terms of any contract and evidence that the framework is legally compliant.
  • Mini competition where appropriate, as detailed in the framework terms and conditions.
Minimum advertising requiredNone
Contracting requirementsApproval of the tender and conditions including call-off terms is required by the director of legal services.
Award of contract
Contracts with a value below the OJEU threshold for goods and services of £20,000 must be approved by a cabinet member.
Contracts above the OJEU threshold for goods and services must be approved by cabinet.

The approval procedures for all contracts (including works and light touch regime projects) are based on the OJEU threshold for goods and services.
Notification of biddersFormal notification in writing.
Publication of awardThe award of contract must be published on:
Inclusion on SAPMD4 form plus published catalogue (where possible) plus contract detail.

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