Planning a procurement

When planning a procurement there are a number of issues that need to be considered. You can find guidance and template documents attached to be used at the beginning of the procurement process.

OJEU thresholds

For the most suitable procurement protocol for a project, identify if the value of the estimated contract expenditure will be above the relevant OJEU threshold.

The current OJEU threshold are:

  • goods and services - £164,176
  • light tough regime for services - £589,148
  • works - £4,104,394 for works, these tenders must be tendered through our e-Tendering system, Due North.

The contracted expenditure should reflect the value over the entire contract period (including any potential extension). Where there is an ongoing or recurring requirement and the specific contract period is not known the contract value should calculated based on a four year period.

Procurement protocol decision tree

The decision tree has been produced to act as a visual tool to help in selecting the most appropriate protocol based on the a number of criteria including:

  • whether a contract or framework is currently in place that could be used to address the requirement
  • the value of the requirement
  • the potential risks
  • if there's a specific requirement that can only be addressed by a single supplier in the market
  • if a permitted change could be made to an existing contract.

Risk management toolkit

The risk management toolkit has been developed to help to identify the level of risk in a procurement or contract. Key areas that may be considered include:

  • finance
  • reputation
  • physical injury
  • environmental damage
  • service/operation disruption.

Key decision template

This is the template to be used to report and publish any key decisions related to the procurement. These may include any decision that:

  • results in us spending money or making savings which are significant. We've decided that a key decision is one that will either involve us spending £500,000 or more, or making a similar saving.
  • is significant in terms of its effects on communities living or working in an area comprising two or more electoral divisions in Derbyshire.

Procurement timetables

The procurement timetable document provides a range of template timetables, these include:

  • quotes and tenders
  • OJEU and non-OJEU processes
  • single and multi-stage tending procedures
  • further competition processes.

Officer declarations of interest and log

Under the Public Contract Regulations 2015 we're required to take measures to effectively prevent, identify and remedy conflicts of interest.

All relevant staff members who're involved in the procurement or who may influence the outcome of the procedure should complete a declaration of interest form which should be submitted and recorded on a log by the procurement lead.

Conflicts of interest would include direct or indirect financial, economic or other personal interests that might be perceived to compromise impartiality and independence.

Social value procurement guidance

There's a requirement under law (the Social Value Act 2012) to consider social value on all service contracts. We've decided to extend this requirement to ensure that social value is considered in regard to all projects including goods, services and works. A guidance document following a stepped approach has been provided to assist officers in how to address social value in procurement projects.

Contract reports (regulation 84 and sub-OJEU)

Under the Public Contract Regulations 2015 (regulation 84) we're required to draw up, and hold for a minimum of three years, a written report on all the above OJEU threshold procurements. A template is attached to this page. It is suggested that the report is started at the planning stages and that the information is populated throughout the procurement process. To enable good practice a template contract report for use in below OJEU threshold tenders is attached to this page.

Source Derbyshire Form A

This form should be used to provide the information used to advertise the contract notice on the the Source Derbyshire (opens in a new window) website.

Employee liability information template

Bidders will need to identify any potential liabilities that may be connected to the contract, therefore it's important in the early stages of the procurement to work with the incumbent supplier or suppliers to identify employees to whom TUPE may apply. To assist in this an employee liability (TUPE-like) data template is attached to this page. It can be completed, by the current providers, with anonymised data relating to relevant employees.

Related documents

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