Make an online payment

Hand on computer mouse (DCC)

Thank you for choosing to make your payment online.

Have your invoice or letter to hand and simply complete the following screens.

If you choose to cancel your payment, you can do this at any time by selecting the cancel button. This will take you back to our homepage and all the details you have entered will be deleted.

If you share your PC, or if you are using it in a library or internet café, you should completely disconnect from our website to ensure that your card details remain secure when you have finished making your payment.

Should you have any problems or queries about the secure internet payments system email:

How to make a payment

  1. Select the service you wish to pay for from the drop down menu for example, Skips Fee. If you are paying an invoice, choose 'invoice'.
  2. Enter your details as requested and click 'add to list'.
  3. Either select another payment type from the drop-down menu at the top of the screen if you wish to make another payment or click 'pay' to proceed to the card payment page.
  4. Enter both your card details and card holder details.
  5. Select 'continue'.
  6. Select 'confirm'.
  7. You can choose to print a receipt, including a VAT receipt, or 'finish' the transaction.
  8. Please make a note of your 'receipt number' as you will need this if you want to contact us about the payment.

Please note

We don't accept payments of council tax bills. Payment should be made to the appropriate district or borough council.

Whilst your payment is being processed:

  • Please don't use your browser's back and forward buttons to navigate through the pages, instead use the buttons provided on the pages themselves.
  • Until you reach the point where you have entered your payment card details, you may safely abandon a payment by closing your browser. After you have clicked the 'make payment' button, please be patient and wait for your payment to complete.

If you have any difficulties making your online payment please contact our accounts receivable section:

Payment list

To add a payment to the 'payment list' click on the 'add to list' button. You can add multiple payments. Click on the 'pay' button to move onto the next step in the payment process.

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