Markham Vale

We're the lead partner for the Markham Vale regeneration project.

Markham Vale is a flagship 85 hectare business park. Work on site started in 2006 and much of the site has now been developed.

The development is centred around the mostly derelict Markham Colliery Site.

With an investment of £88m, the Markham Vale project is transforming the area into a business and industrial park offering thousands of new jobs and over three million square feet of commercial floor space.

Planning consent for the scheme was led by us and agreed by Chesterfield, North East Derbyshire and Bolsover district councils.

We published a compulsory purchase order (CPO) to acquire land which was needed for construction of the regeneration scheme, which was subsequently confirmed by the Secretary of State.

Markham Vale will not only bring about 5,000 new jobs to the area and £130m of private investment but will also transform it, promising environmental landscaping, new planting and trails, and the creation of habitats for plants and wildlife.

It will also provide excellent opportunities for businesses in the area to supply goods and services to companies moving onto the site, boosting the local economy.

With its central position in the country, excellent transport links and new motorway junction, the scheme is already attracting interest from major companies looking to move into the area. In 2013, part of Markham Vale was granted Enterprise Zone status whereby companies investing at the site can apply for tax relief in the form of Enhanced Capital Allowances.

Funding for the project has come from a variety of sources including £14.5m from the Department for Transport, £14.2m Enterprise Zone funding from Department for Communities and Local Government, £7.5m from English Partnerships, nearly £6m from EMDA/Alliance SSP (sub-regional strategic partnership), £5.9m from the European Union's Regional Development Fund and £1.6m from British Coal.

Substantial contributions have also been made by us and Henry Boot Developments Ltd.

The site's centrepiece - the Markham Vale Environment Centre - is now complete.

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