Single Status

Single Status is the title given to a National Agreement reached in 1997 aiming to harmonise terms and conditions of service for employees, removing any unfairness in the pay and reward arrangements.

To comply with national agreements we were required to implement the new provisions.

Single status had two main elements:

  • The evaluation of all posts within the council that are covered by the agreement

  • A review of terms and conditions of service.

We have used the Hay Job Evaluation Scheme to assess the value of jobs covered by the agreement.

The review of terms and conditions of service is known as the Derbyshire Package.

Single Status does not currently apply to teachers, schools employed employees, youth workers and certain Soulbury staff groups.

The review included an extensive job evaluation programme to:

  • create a rank order of jobs according to the overall demands of each job

  • provide a solid base for a new fair and equal pay and grading structure

  • define job families and career structures.

Unison, GMB, Unite and the TGWU unions were involved in the review and were members of the Project Board.

Unison and GMB took part in the Joint Job Evaluation Panels.

There were frequent meetings of the Project Board and Joint Working Group to oversee the project, develop and agree the proposals.

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