The redeployment process is open to all employees who are at risk of redundancy.

Categories at risk of redundancy

Group at risk

If a service/function is to undertake a restructure which could result in fewer jobs, employees working within it whose jobs may be affected, will be notified that their jobs are at risk of redundancy. At this stage, as it is not clear which jobs will be specifically affected, employees will be given a redeployment status of "group at risk".

This means they will receive support such as:

  • being placed on the Redeployment Register and notified of vacancies through job alerts
  • having guaranteed interview status in applying for jobs at the same grade or below elsewhere in the Council.

Applications will be considered alongside those of other internal candidates as part of a competitive process.

Individually at risk

An employee will be given a redeployment status of "individually at risk" if they are:

  • unsuccessful in being appointed to a job following a restructure
  • selected for redundancy through a selection exercise
  • in a unique job or in an establishment that is closing and the job is to cease
  • on a fixed term contract that is coming to an end for reasons of redundancy

This means that they will receive support such as:

  • priority interview status where they can apply for appropriate vacancies at the same grade or below (together with other priority candidates) prior to these being advertised internally
  • guaranteed interview status for jobs at a higher grade
  • allocation of a Redeployment Officer who will assist in seeking suitable alternative employment.

The Redeployment Officer will help the employee consider their skills, knowledge and experience, discuss options and ensure they are aware of the practical support and information that is available to help find alternative employment with the Council or externally.

Suitable alternative employment

We have a statutory duty in redundancy situations to take reasonable steps to consider whether suitable alternative employment is available for "individually at risk" employees. Employees have a shared responsibility with us in seeking redeployment and should adopt a reasonable and flexible approach when considering alternative jobs.

A range of factors will be taken into account when determining the suitability of an alternative job, such as grade, level of earnings, status, working environment, terms and conditions of employment, working pattern and location. Where these factors are considered to be very similar to the employee's current job, an offer of suitable alternative employment may be made. Employees who unreasonably refuse may lose their entitlement to redundancy pay.

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