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The online benefits calculator is designed for members of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) - except elected members whose benefits are based on career average pay.

Please be aware that the figures are only estimates based on the pension scheme rules currently in force. LGPS benefits from April 2014 will be based on career average pay.

The link below is to our LGPS 2014 Calculator, which compares the benefits you might have expected to receive in the LGPS had it remained unchanged against the benefits you may now receive as a result of the changes which come into effect as of April 2014.

You can use this calculator in two ways:

  • Input some personal data from your latest Annual Benefit Statement (your LGPS fund administrator issues these); or
  • If you do not have an Annual Benefit Statement, you can provide some basic information about yourself and your membership of the LGPS.

Your benefit projections are shown at today's value i.e. based on your current pensionable pay. The projections are based on the rules of the current LGPS and our understanding of the new LGPS rules at the date of calculation.

The projections are based on the following assumptions:

  • Your State Pension Age is based on the increases under the current law and not those proposed by the Government.
  • Your current working hours remain the same throughout your past service. These hours also apply to future service except where changed using the slider options
  • An approximate split of pre and post-2008 service is calculated based on the total service and working hours provided (if applicable)
  • Salary inflation of 4.25 per cent per annum and consumer price inflation of 2.5 per cent per annum
  • Early/late retirement adjustments are the same on current and new LGPS
  • No allowance for transitional provisions on the introduction of the new LGPS including 'Rule of 85' protection
  • No allowance for the 50:50 option in the new LGPS
  • No allowance for any additional contributions being paid, added years, pension credits.

If the assumptions change or your personal circumstances change, the projections will not take into account these changes.

Before using the calculator

Please note that in order to provide an estimate of your benefits, the calculator assumes salary inflation of 4.25 per cent (whereas this is currently at 1 per cent, as per 2013 local government pay award) and Consumer Prices Inflation (CPI) of 2.5 per cent (whereas CPI is 2.8 per cent as at 4 September 2013, source − Office for National Statistics).

The result of this is that the calculator may show that you are not as well off in the 2014 scheme, in reality, this will entirely depend on how earnings and CPI change between now and your chosen retirement date. The assumptions used are pre-coded as determined by Hymans Robertson LLP.

Also, when entering your date of birth into the calculator, you need to choose the year of birth first, before the month, otherwise the calculator may not give you the option of the correct month. 

Under proposed transitional regulations, to ensure that no member within 10 years of age 65 as at 1 April 2012 is worse off under the scheme changes, there will be an 'underpin' applied if you retire at age 65.

This means that those members who would see a change in their pension age in that period will get a pension at least equal to that which they would have received in the current scheme if they retire at 65.

The projections in this calculator are estimates and are provided solely for illustration purposes. They do not represent any promise or guarantee as to the benefits you would have received from the current LGPS nor what you will receive from the new LGPS in England and Wales starting in April 2014.

The accuracy of the calculator depends on the data input especially whether information from a recent annual benefit statement is available.

The projections should not be regarded as the only consideration when making decisions in respect of your pension arrangements or wider financial planning and we strongly recommend that you obtain independent financial advice in relation to any financial decisions you wish to take.

Please note your LGPS pension benefits may be subject to overriding constraints imposed by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Any changes made by HMRC or the Department for Communities and Local Government (the Government department responsible for the LGPS) may impact upon these projections.

If you need help using the benefits calculator form please contact us.

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