General conditions of service

Working for us gives you many privileges and responsibilities. There are lots of employee benefits for you to enjoy and some procedures to follow so that working life goes smoothly.

The booklets attached to this page give you more details. The applicants booklet gives a summary of our terms and conditions including pay rates. The new starters booklet gives more detail on all the subjects you may be interested in

Equality and diversity

As one of the largest employers and providers of services in Derbyshire, we are aware of our responsibilities to local people. We recognise that discrimination exists in many forms and we will do everything we can to both prevent and eliminate discrimination wherever it may exist within the organisation.

We aim to ensure that everyone who works for or who wishes to work for us, and those who receive our services, are treated fairly, without prejudice or discrimination on grounds of their age, disability, gender, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion and belief or sexual orientation.

Our equality and diversity policy has the wholehearted support of the recognised trade unions, and all our employees are responsible for its implementation, whatever their job.

If you are disabled, and meet the essential criteria for a vacancy that you are applying for, you will be guaranteed an interview because we are a Disability Confident Employer. We have established network groups for disabled, black and minority ethnic and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees.

If we appoint you and you are disabled, we will try to provide facilities, where appropriate, to help you undertake the job. We encourage you to identify any needs to help us meet our duties under the Equality Act.

Trade unions

We encourage trade union membership.

Code of conduct

Our code of conduct applies to all our employees and aims to help us to maintain and improve standards. It also protects our employees from misunderstandings or false criticism. It may be supplemented by further requirements in certain areas of work.

Environmental policy

As a decision-maker, major employer, provider of services and agent for economic development, we recognise the significant impact we have on the environment. We also recognise that our employees have an important contribution to make in carrying out our environmental policy. With that in mind, we encourage you and will expect you, when carrying out your duties and responsibilities, to be conscious of the environmental impact of your actions. Wherever possible our employees should work to reduce resource and energy use and minimise waste.

We have a travel plan that seeks to reduce the social and environmental impacts of road vehicles caused by our business. This includes a voluntary car share scheme for employees at certain work bases, including County Hall.

Job families

Our jobs are organised into job families. This helps us to be more flexible in the way we respond to changing service needs and pressures by deploying employees flexibly to meet service demands.

Work is described by role profiles which give examples of the key accountabilities, typical skills and competencies for each grade in the job family. The 'role profiles' allow us to see how jobs are organised within each grade in the job family and the potential career paths. We also use them in considering training and development plans.

If you are successful in your application, the work that you do will be based upon the expectations in your role profile. In practice, you will regularly meet with your manager to agree the focus of your work for an agreed period of time. This may change over time as our service priorities change to meet the needs of our customers. Any changes will be discussed with you and will remain consistent with the expectations of your role profile.

To help you in your induction, the job profile you used to apply for the job will help shape the early expectations. It will help you and your manager to agree and review your performance and identify any support you need in your new role.

Relief workers and guaranteed minimum hours contracts (GMCs)

As well as part time and full time working, in some jobs we offer guaranteed minimum hours contracts which offer a set number of hours over a period but no fixed working pattern. Full details of how this works are attached to this page. We also offer some relief contracts where there are no minimum contractual hours guaranteed to be offered to you and you are under no obligation to accept any of the hours we do offer.

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