About us

Our services reach everyone who lives in or visits Derbyshire, which is why we believe in working in partnership with our communities to ensure we meet their needs and expectations. This includes their families, their environment, their education, their job prospects and their social needs.

Our commitment to local people is reflected in our investment in our workforce. Hundreds of people call on us every day for help, information or advice. More than 30,000 people work for us in places throughout the county each with their own individual talents and abilities. We value this contribution and look to provide the resources and development our employees need to deliver the best possible service to the people of Derbyshire, whilst developing their career.

Derbyshire is a county of opportunity. It is a beautiful place to live, to work and to grow and we are justly proud of our services. We believe in investing in the future so all Derbyshire people have the chance to live full and productive lives.

Our services

There are four strategic directorates and the chief executive's office. Each has its own service plan which contributes towards the council plan priorities.

Adult care

Our adult care department provides care and support services for vulnerable adults and carers. The aim is to support people to live independently for as long as possible. Adult care provides some residential care homes, home care services and day care directly. We also commission services from partner agencies such as the NHS, district councils, and many voluntary organisations. Public health is also located within the care directorate.

Chief executive's

Our chief executive's office has responsibility for policy and research, communications, innovations leadership, member and management support and leading on the development of, and ensuring the delivery of, our key strategic objectives.

Children's services

Our children's services department is committed to delivering life-long learning opportunities for everyone in the county, supporting schools, teachers, parents and students from nursery age to adulthood. It also provides services directly to protect and support children and young adults.

Corporate resources

Our corporate resources department gives essential support to the council on issues such as transformation, human resources, equality and diversity, property management, finances and equipment and legal services.

Economy, transport and communities

Our economy, transport and communities department is responsible for developing a strong local economy and generating growth while protecting and enhancing the natural and built environment for the people of Derbyshire.