Our information governance training section outlines what data security training is available for staff and how to get it.

We need to maintain the trust and confidence of the public, our staff and external partners/agencies in our ability to handle their personal data sensitively.

Failures in the protection of sensitive public data could not only be damaging to our reputation but also lead to prosecutions and substantial fines.

We've recently been successful in being re-awarded accreditation to the challenging ISO27001 information security standard but are still seeing a number of security incidents and poor information handling.

To help people understand the importance of data security and how to treat confidential information, we offer Information Governance training to staff. Ideally, all members of staff should take part in the training, but for employees that have a role in handling sensitive information it is mandatory to do so.

Short training courses for employees that directly work with children and vulnerable adults are also available.

The content of the training includes all elements of legislation and best practice in information management. This includes Safe Haven guidance, how to prevent information security breaches, the maintenance of confidentiality, the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 and potential financial penalties.

For users who are new to our online learning site; to access the short information governance courses follow the guidance in the document attached to this page entitled 'How to access the corporate information governance e-learning course', which includes the initial set up password.

For those users who use our online learning site regularly, go to the Derbyshire Learning webpage (opens in a new window), log in, search the site using the keyword 'information' and select the relevant information governance e-learning course to complete. If you have forgotten your log on password, which you will have set up when you first accessed this site, email:

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