Changing the Way Derbyshire Works (CWDW)

Changing the Way Derbyshire Works (CWDW) is a programme which will allow us to learn and adapt to the challenging environment of changing resource requirements and service delivery, and will lead to the generation of efficiencies over the next few years.

It consists of a number of smaller projects including:

  • better use of accommodation
  • introducing flexible working
  • smarter travel
  • procurement initiatives
  • new core financial and personnel systems

which will collectively improve our efficiency and assist in the delivery of our services.

The programme will deliver the following outcomes:

  • efficiencies
  • new ways of working utilising technology and flexible working styles
  • more efficient use of our property
  • economic use of different transport options
  • changes to organisational structures and working practices
  • transformation of outdated financial and personnel systems
  • a better customer experience
  • a better place to work for staff
  • closer working with other local councils and agencies
  • reduction of our carbon footprint and enhanced environmental sustainability.


A series of roadshows were held in order to communicate with staff and provide general information about the programme and it's aims, as well as seeking feedback. A summary of the feedback can be downloaded from the related documents section of this page.

Adverse weather − your working experiences

In 2011 we asked you for your views about working experiences during adverse weather. This was very helpful in preparing for winter, and contributed to many of the changes we made to how we deal with snow in particular. The snow page has a lot of helpful guidance.

As part of the exercise we received a number of questions from staff and a list of questions and answers was prepared. This list is available from the related documents section on this page. 

Related documents

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