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Our Travel Smart week takes place each May and October. This is where we encourage pupils to make the most of their school journey as a way to help them keep fit, beat traffic jams and pollution, as well making sure they remember to travel safely too. The next Travel Smart week will take place from 21 to 25 May 2018.

As part of Travel Smart campaign for 16 to 20 October 2017 pupils were asked to join the Travel Smart Heroes to play their part in getting active and help beat the chaos caused by traffic, as well as doing their bit to save the planet in a superhero themed week.

Pupils were encouraged to be Super Striders and walk to school for all or part of the journey, or to join the Wonder Wheelers travelling by bicycle or scooter. Those who couldn't stride or roll to school could join Team Riders and travel to school by car share or by taking the bus.

Pupils were also encouraged to design their own Travel Smart hero and to share their ideas with us by asking an adult to send a photo or drawing, either email: or posting on Travel Smart Twitter page (opens in a new window) using the hashtag #Striders, #Riders or #Rollers.

You can find out more about our Travel Smart Heroes campaign in the leaflets attached to this page.

Schools were also encouraged to record their participation in Travel Smart week to achieve a national Modeshift STARS (opens in a new window) award. This recognises the efforts schools make to promote greener, healthier and safer ways of travelling and also contributes towards our sustainable modes of travel strategy.

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