Street lighting

We provide the following:

  • We carry out an electrical inspection and test every six years.

  • We carry out visual inspections of the lighting columns every six years.

We're responsible for all lighting on roads, footpaths, major roads and some dual carriageways that are owned and maintained by us (these are called adopted roads).

Lighting on motorways and trunk roads is maintained by the Highways Agency.

District, borough councils and housing associations own the lighting in their own car parks and housing areas.

We have responsibility for approximately 90,000 street lights and 8,500 illuminated signs, consuming over 31,300,000kwh of electricity per year. We're developing schemes to reduce energy usage of our street lights and signs to assist with meeting CO2 and budget reduction targets.

By the end of 2015 we reduced the output of 13,500 of our street lights and illuminated signs, saving 3,200,000 kwh of electricity per year compared to the 2012/13 figures, or 3,200 tonnes of carbon dioxide. If one tonne of carbon dioxide equals 3,000 miles in a car, that's the equivalent of taking 800 cars of our roads.