Attachments to street lights

Street lighting in Derbyshire is our responsibility and a licence is required to attach permanent or temporary decorations onto street lights.

You'll need to apply for a license, for example, if you wish to attach decorations such as hanging baskets or Christmas lights to lamp posts - also known as lighting columns - in your village or town.

If you're thinking of applying for an 'attachment to lighting column license' you'll need to be aware of the following:

  • You have a legal duty that anyone hired to attach permanent or temporary decorations to a street lighting column is competent to do so and that risk assessments and method statements are in place before works commence.

  • You'll need evidence that the person carrying out the work is competent to use equipment needed to install, maintain and remove the attachment, whether or not access to equipment inside the lighting column is needed. You may also need to obtain a permit to work on the highway.

  • It's recommended that a contractor registered under the Highways Electrical Registration Scheme (HERS) carries out the work. These contractors will have the appropriate competencies to carry out works on street lighting equipment.

  • If you're using equipment that needs an electrical connection to a street light column, for example Christmas lights, this electricity is unmetered.

  • You'll need to agree an unmetered load certificate with your local electricity company and then register your certificate with your chosen electricity supplier. You must make payment directly to your chosen supplier for the electricity used - failure to do this may result in prosecution for theft of electricity by the supplier.

Please use our online licence application form along with guidance notes attached to this page.

For more information or for a paper application form contact Call Derbyshire, tel: 01629 533190 or email:

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Application form for the erection of permanent or temporary decorations or equipment onto highway lighting columns.

Attachments to lighting columns

Note: Asterisks (*) indicate required information.

errorPlease correct the information in the fields highlighted below.
Applicant details

Installer details

Type of attachment

Please select all that apply.

Structural requirements

Approval will not be given to attachments or decorations to concrete, cast iron, aluminium sign posts, traffic signal posts, any hinged lighting columns or glass reinforced polyester (GRP) lighting columns.

Electrical requirements
Is it proposed to make any electrical connection to Highway Authority equipment - for example, street lighting column? (If No, please go to Other requirements)

Are external sockets mounted on lighting columns proposed?

Other requirements

This Application Agreement is between the Applicant and Derbyshire County Council. The Applicant will be responsible for resolving all queries and disputes or matters arising.

Applicant signatory

In submitting this Application, do you (the Applicant) agree to:

  • Confirm that the answers and supporting information given are true and correct
  • Abide by the terms and conditions as detailed in the 'Environmental Services Guidance Notes for the Erection of Permanent or Temporary Decorations or Equipment into Lighting Columns'
  • Inform Derbyshire County Council immediately of any change to the information contained in the application.
  • Confirm that the decoration/equipment to be attached are in good working condition.

If you experience any problems with this form please contact and quote form ID: ILF/447/09