Current roadwork activity.

To view a map showing the location of current and future planned works, please visit Derbyshire Roadworks (opens in a new window) (data provided by 

Here you will be able to:

  • search for current and future works in and around your area

  • view details of planned road works including dates, severity of impact and who is responsible

  • sign up for email and text message alerts to receive notification of future works in your area.

If the location selected has roadworks on it, then a red triangle will appear on the map in the screen. Click on the red triangle and details of the works will appear in an information window.

Most work is planned well in advance but this is not always possible, for example when responding to an emergency or a fault that requires immediate attention. When this happens, the priority is to make a road safe as quickly as possible and information may not always be immediately available for presenting on the map.   

Highway Permit Scheme

From 31 March 2015, a highways permit scheme will be put in place to further help us minimise the disruption caused by works on our road network. The scheme only applies to those streets that fall within the administrative boundary of Derbyshire County Council (Derby City operate their own separate scheme) and experience large volumes of traffic or are otherwise defined as "traffic sensitive" - these streets form Derbyshire's Strategic Road Network. 

Please see our Highway Permit Scheme section for further information.