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We use the latest information from the Met Office to help us to decide where and when to grit. 

For the latest weather information and forecasts visit the Met Office website (opens in a new window) (opens in a new window).

You can follow us on Twitter (opens in a new window) and follow the #derbyshirewinter hashtag for latest information. You can also follow us on Facebook (opens in a new window).

To find out if a road has been gritted please click on a road on the map below.

Live update

Our gritter drivers have notified us of the following road closures or roads not gritted on their routes. The location of these are shown on the map as markers.

On our roads

Gritter log

Any gritting activity which started within the last 12 hours will be listed here.

How to use the gritting map

Routes:        Primary,        Secondary,        Tertiary,        Partnership and        Highways Agency

 Layer switcher   Turn on or off different map layers

Zoom button  Zoom in to see all of our gritting routes in your area.

Search button  Use the search box to find out if you are on a gritting route. You can search by postcode, street, town or village.

Favourites  In future if you only want to see updates for the current map area add this page to your favourites.

Mouse pointer  Click on a gritting route to see more information about when that route was last gritted.

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