Report a road fault

Locating a road fault using the map.

Spotted a pothole or another problem with a road? Report it and we'll sort it.

Zoom in on the map below or enter a street, place or postcode in the map search box. You will then be able to identify the location of the fault by clicking on a road on the map.

Once you have identified the fault location you will be asked for further details about the fault and for some contact details just in case we need a bit more information.

If you are unable to use the map you can still complete the report a road fault form. Please provide as much detail as possible to help us deal with the problem.

Road fault location

How to use the map

Layer switcher Change the map background layer

Zoom button Zoom in to locate your fault.

Search button Use the search box to find a fault location. You can seach by postcode, street, town or village.

Mouse pointer Click on a road to identify the fault location.

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