Road safety

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We co-ordinate programmes of road safety training, education and publicity campaigns, to reduce road traffic casualties.

These aim to raise awareness of different road safety issues and are closely linked to the government's Think! (opens in a new window) campaign.

Road traffic collisions and casualties

We are working harder than ever to reduce casualties on our roads.

Travelling by car

We aim to encourage drivers and passengers to travel safely by car, with a particular focus on child safety seat checks, young drivers and winter driving.

Travelling by bicycle

We recognise the health and environmental benefits of travelling by two wheels and help schools provide cycle training for young cyclists.

Travelling by motorcycle

Derbyshire roads attract many motorcyclists.

Unfortunately the county also suffers from a high number of motorcycle accidents.

Our publicity and training campaigns aim to reduce the number of motorcyclists killed or injured on our roads.

Working with children and schools

We work with schools to provide resources that compliment the national curriculum and promote road safety. We also encourage sustainable travel through school travel plans and our Travel Smart campaign.

Would you like to report a road fault? If so please visit our report a road fault page.

Annual casualty report

In the county council area during 2012, a total of 2661 people were injured in police reported collisions, of which 21 people died and 312 were seriously injured. 

Twenty-two children were killed or seriously injured, the lowest level of the last 30 years apart from 2011.

Car users remain the largest group of killed or seriously injured casualties, followed by motorcyclists. The casualty report highlights that the groups being monitored for casualty reduction initiatives are motorcyclists, work related casualties, older people and adult pedal cyclists.

Please find the full casualty report in the related documents section below.

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