Gold Card

Types of Derbyshire Gold Cards

Gold Card is our travel, discount and library card for older people and people with certain disabilities.

What is Gold Card?

Gold Card allows you to travel free, off-peak on local buses throughout the whole of England, get discounts at around 1,000 shops and other local businesses and to borrow at all Derbyshire and Derby city libraries.

Gold Card holders can also use community transport dial-a-bus services. You will be charged a £1 flat-rate single fare (£2 return). It doesn't matter how far you travel on a dial-a-bus, the fare is the same.

Who can get a Gold Card?

Depending on your date of birth, older people who have turned 60 can have a Gold Card − the travel, discount and library card for Derbyshire residents. It is a blue-striped card.

Some younger people, with certain disabilities, can also have a Gold Card. It is an orange-striped card.

To check if you qualify for a Gold Card read our eligibility page.

Change of address

If you have changed your address since you were issued with your current Gold Card, you will need to let us know your new details.

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