Forthcoming changes to bus services

A summary of forthcoming changes to bus services in Derbyshire.

New timetables for revised services are published in the online timetable library (opens in a new window) as soon as possible.

From Sunday 3 July 2016 

Service IS (Ashbourne CT 'Ilam Shuttle'): The summer Ashbourne - Tissington - Ilam - Ashbourne service will be reintroduced, but with a revised route and timetable.

From Sunday 10 July 2016

Service Zm (Trent Barton 'Zoom'): The Old Sawley journeys will be withdrawn and replaced by additional journeys to New Sawley, and the timetable will be revised.

From Sunday 24 July 2016

  • Service 358 (Stagecoach Manchester): For the summer period (until 29 August 2016), some Monday to Friday journeys will be slightly re-timed with shorter journey times.
  • Service Y4 (Yourbus): This service will be withdrawn. Alternative buses are available on other services.

From Sunday 31 July 2016

  • Service 189 (High Peak): This schooldays-only service will be withdrawn (7.50am Whaley Bridge to Buxton and 3.15pm Buxton to Whaley Bridge).

From Sunday 14 August 2016 

  • Service 11 (Notts and Derby): A revised timetable will be introduced, and the route in Shipley View will be changed.
  • Service 59 (Notts and Derby): Notts and Derby will run hourly between Derby, Ilkeston, Shipley View and Ilkeston Hospital in the daytime on Mondays to Saturdays.

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