Forthcoming changes to bus services

A summary of forthcoming changes to bus services in Derbyshire.

New timetables for revised services are published in the online timetable library (opens in a new window) as soon as possible.

From Sunday 15 November 2015

  • The 8am bus from Glossop will be re-timed to run at 8.38am.

From Sunday 29 November 2015

  • Service 9 (Midland Classic): A Sunday service (seven journeys each way) will be introduced between Woodville, Swadlincote and Burton town centre.

From Sunday 27 December 2015

  • Service CC (Trent Barton 'Club Class'): This service will be withdrawn completely.

From Sunday 3 January 2016

  • Service 73 (Notts & Derby): The timetable will be revised on Mondays to Fridays; Derby Commercial Park will be served by some journeys on the main service instead of separate short journeys.

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