Forthcoming changes to bus services

A summary of forthcoming changes to bus services in Derbyshire.

New timetables for revised services are published in the online timetable library (opens in a new window) as soon as possible.

From Sunday 12 February 2017

  • Services 1 and 1A (Yourbus): This new service will run between Derby and Alvaston every day, following the same route as Arriva services 1 and 1A, except via Pride Park instead of London Road, and not via Warren Street and Radford Street. The Arriva service will continue unchanged.
  • Service 59 (Notts and Derby): This service will be withdrawn. Yourbus service Y59 will continue unchanged, offering an alternative facility over most of the route.
  • New service DC 'Derbyshire Connect': This new demand-responsive service will offer journeys to suit individual requirements, in an area bounded by Ashbourne, Wirksworth, Hartington and Ford. The service will be available between 7am and 6pm on Mondays to Fridays, and between 8am and 6pm on Saturdays.
  • Service Y5 (Yourbus): In Nottingham this service will run via Lenton Abbey instead of University Boulevard. The timetable will be revised too.

From Sunday 19 February 2017

  • Services 9 and 9A (Arriva Midlands): These services will be renumbered 29 and 29A, with a revised timetable.
  • New Services 12 and 12A (Notts and Derby): These new services will run between Derby, Borrowash, Long Eaton and New Sawley in place of the 'Zoom' (Zm) service. The route will be similar to the 'Zoom', but some journeys will run via Priorway Avenue in Borrowash to replace the X17.
  • Service X17 (Notts and Derby): This Derby − Borrowash service will be withdrawn, but new Services 12 and 12A will offer an alternative facility.
  • Service Zm (Trent Barton 'Zoom'): This service will be withdrawn, but a very similar service will be offered instead by the new Notts & Derby 12 and 12A.

From Sunday 26 February 2017 

  • Services 1 and 1A (Yourbus): These services will be amended to run via Radford Street and Warren Street (instead of Harvey Road) between Matthew Street and London Road (this is registered to start on Tuesday 28 February).

From Sunday 5 March 2017 

  • Service 7 (Arriva Midlands): A revised timetable will be introduced.
  • Service F1 (Arriva Midlands): This new service will run between Derby city centre and Boulton Lane Estate via Pride Park and Shardlow Road, every 15 minutes during the daytime on Mondays to Saturdays.

From Sunday 26 March 2017 

  • Services 62 and 62A (High Peak): These services will be withdrawn. Service 358 offers an alternative over most of the route, and arrangements are in hand to replaced other parts of the service.
  • Services 101 and 102 (High Peak): These services will be withdrawn. The new 'Derbyshire Connect' service will offer an alternative, more flexible, service.
  • Service IF (Trent Barton 'Ilkeston Flyer'): A new timetable will be introduce, with a more frequent service.
  • Service AMB (Trent Barton 'Amberline'): The weekday evening service will be withdrawn.
  • Service X52 (Notts and Derby): The Derby to Alton Towers service will be re-introduced for the 2017 season.

From Sunday 9 April 2017

  • Service 5 (Notts and Derby 'Unibus'): The evening service will no longer run during university holidays and study weeks.