Forthcoming changes to bus services

A summary of forthcoming changes to bus services in Derbyshire.

New timetables for revised services are published in the online timetable library as soon as possible.

Use the link in the 'information on other websites' section to visit the library.

From Sunday 29 March 2015

  • Services 6.1, 6.2, 6.3 and 6.4 (Trent Barton): Buses arriving in Derby before 9am on Mondays to Saturdays will run via St Alkmund's Way and will not set down in Queen Street or Full Street.
  • Services 9.1, 9.2 and 9.3 (Trent Barton): Various minor changes will be made to the timetable.
  • Service 37 (Arriva Midlands): A revised timetable will be introduced, and the service will terminate at Asda in Sinfin, instead of continuing to Deep Dale Lane.
  • Service 222 (Bakewell & Eyam CT): The Bamford − Derwent − Upper Derwent service will be re-introduced for the 2105 season, but with a slightly different timetable this year.
  • Service 240 (First South Yorkshire): The summer weekend service between Sheffield and Bakewell will be re-introduced to run during British Summer Time. The route will be changed to run via Ringinglow, and some buses will run via Chatsworth House as Service 241.
  • Service 272 (First South Yorkshire): A revised timetable will be introduced on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • New Service 273 (First South Yorkshire): This service will run between Sheffield, Yorkshire Bridge, Bamford and Castleton on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays during British Summer Time. (This will run instead of the 244 which ran in 2014.)
  • Service 394 (High Peak): The Monday to Friday service will be extended to Stockport, with a revised timetable.
  • Service i4 (Trent Barton): Some extra buses will run between Sandiacre and Nottingham in the early evenings on Mondays to Thursdays. The late-night buses from Nottingham will run to Bostocks Lane instead of Stanton Road in Sandiacre.
  • Service Mb (Trent Barton 'Mickleover blue'): The late-night buses on Fridays and Saturdays (from midnight onwards) will be withdrawn.
  • Service SWI (Trent Barton 'Swift'): The Sunday service will run between Derby and Mayfield (to a new timetable), and will no longer serve Denstone or Alton Towers.
  • Service TP (High Peak 'Transpeak'): Some journeys will be re-timed by a few minutes, and additional stops will be introduced in Milford and Ambergate.
  • Service Zm (Trent Barton 'Zoom'): Some changes will be made to the late afternoon timetable.
  • Service Y5 (Yourbus): All buses will serve the bus station in Beeston, with some changes to the timetable.

From Sunday 12 April 2015 

  • Service 1 (Arriva Midlands): A new timetable will be introduced, with some changes to the route. In Doveridge, High Street and Cook Lane will no longer be served.
  • Service 8 (Arriva Midlands): The section between Cadley Hill and Swadlincote town centre will be withdrawn, and the timetable will be revised.
  • Services 9, 9A and 9E (Arrivas Midlands): The timetables of these services will be revised, and the 9A will run via a different route, not serving Albert Village or Moira
  • Services 21 and 21E (Midland Classic): An extra bus will run at 8.05am from Swadlincote to Burton on Mondays to Fridays, and there will be some minor time changes too.
  • Services 236 and 237 (Stagecoach Manchester): The evening Service 236 buses will be withdrawn, and the evening 237 service will run to a revised timetable. There will also be some other minor re-timings.

Information on other websites

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