Forthcoming changes to bus services

A summary of forthcoming changes to bus services in Derbyshire.

New timetables for revised services are published in the online timetable library as soon as possible.

Use the link in the 'information on other websites' section to visit the library.

From Sunday 1 February 2015

  • Service 64 (Hulleys/G&J Holmes): The 5.50 bus from Matlock to Clay Cross will run via the M1 route in Matlock (via Asker Lane and Cavendish Park), and will be up to nine minutes than now between Matlock (Duke of Wellington) and Clay Cross.
  • Service 215 (TM Travel): A Sunday service will be introduced, running four times a day between Sheffield, Grindleford, Bakewell, Chatsworth and Matlock.
  • New Service 216 (TM Travel): This new service will replace the M2, with a different timetable but following the same route.
  • New Service 217 (TM Travel): This new service will replace the 218 between Matlock, Darley Dale, Rowsley and Chatsworth. Some buses will run via Hackney to replace part of the M3 service.
  • Service 218 (TM Travel): A revised timetable will be introduced, offering an enhanced service between Sheffield and Bakewell, with some buses running via Chatsworth. The Chatsworth to Matlock section will be replaced by new Service 217.
  • Service 252 (TM Travel): Some minor changes will be made to the timetable.
  • Service M1 (TM Travel): The daytime buses between Matlock town centre and the railway station via Sainsbury's will be replaced by journeys on Services 216 and 217.
  • Service M2 (TM Travel): This service will be re-numbered 216, with a revised timetable.
  • Service M3 (TM Travel): Between Matlock and Hackney, the journeys operated by TM Travel will be replaced by buses on Service 217, at slightly different times. The buses between Matlock town centre and the railway station via Sainsbury's will be replaced by journeys on Services 216 and 217.

From Sunday 8 February 2015 

  • Service 200 (Smiths of Marple): Because of a road closure between Edale and Barber Booth, a temporary route and timetable will be introduced for about four weeks.

From Sunday 15 February 2015

  • Service IGO (Trent Barton 'Indigo'): The 5.40am bus from Long Eaton to Nottingham will be re-timed; it will still depart at the same time but will take longer to reach Nottingham.
  • Service V1 (Trent Barton 'Villager'): The timetable will be slightly revised.
  • Service V2 (Trent Barton 'Villager'): The timetable will be revised, and buses from Burton will also serve Bargates. Between Derby city centre and the Royal Derby Hospital, limited stop arrangements will be introduced.

From Sunday 1 March 2015

  • Service 394 (High Peak): Please note that the change previously shown on this page has now been cancelled, and the service will continue unchanged until further notice.

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