Feeding Derbyshire

Feeding Derbyshire is a countywide project aimed at finding sustainable solutions to food poverty and surplus food as well as helping to feed people struggling with low incomes, debt and benefit delays.

It was launched in July 2015 with £528,550 funding from us and works in partnership with a range of agencies.

The project covers a wide range of food related initiatives including supporting local food banks and creating social eating 'Super Kitchens' in each Derbyshire borough and district.

It funds schemes such as school breakfast clubs, a mobile Super Kitchen food truck and an affordable food box scheme and a key part of the programme was developing a surplus supermarket food depot to serve the county.

Feeding Derbyshire is part of our wider commitment to tackling poverty, supporting people on low incomes, reducing health inequalities and protecting the county's most vulnerable residents. It takes hundreds of tonnes from the food industry − good food that would otherwise go to waste.

Feeding Derbyshire is being independently evaluated by Resources for Change - a consultancy which works with communities, organisations and agencies to bridge the gap between how projects are planned and how they're delivered.

Resources for Change is keen to hear from anyone connected with Feeding Derbyshire.

Contact Emma Cranidge with comments, email: feedingderbyshire@r4c.org.uk

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