Mental health and wellbeing

Mental wellbeing can be simply described as feeling good and functioning well.

If you or someone you know is struggling with a mental health emergency please read the information on our support in a crisis.

Mental health is an important part of everyone's life and good mental health and wellbeing is directly linked to good physical health.

Positive mental health and wellbeing is also linked to increased life expectancy, improved quality of life, better educational achievement and improved employment prospects.

Mental illness can range from mild bouts of depression to severe conditions such as schizophrenia.

Each year one in four people will experience a mental health issue and the most common conditions are anxiety and depression.

On average one or two people in 100 will experience a severe mental illness.

Public health plays an important role in the prevention of mental health issues and the promotion of good mental wellbeing.

In this section you will find information about:

Support in a crisis

Who to contact if you, or someone you care about, is experiencing mental ill health and is in a crisis or emergency situation.

Information and contacts

Find local and national support and advice services on our Information and contacts page.

Emotional health and wellbeing

Emotional health, or mental wellbeing, is about how you're feeling and how well you can cope with your day to day life.

Young people's mental health

We work with lots of different people to help children and young people in Derbyshire improve their mental health and wellbeing.

Suicide prevention

We're working with a range of organisations to tackle the complex issues around suicide. Find out more about the work we're doing in Derbyshire.

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