Thriving Families

Thriving Families We're looking at new ways to help support families through our Thriving Families programme.
As well as dealing with everyday issues, many families have extra difficulties that make it hard to solve problems themselves. These might include poor literacy and numeracy skills, no permanent address, no friends or family living nearby, poverty, mental and physical ill-health, and drug or alcohol misuse.

We're working with other organisations such as the Police, District Councils, Voluntary sector and Health service to create services that:

  • Make things easier for all families in Derbyshire, and especially families who face both daily and long-term challenges.
  • Support families whenever they need it by providing services to help deal with problems at an early stage rather than when they become too difficult for families to deal with. 
  • Help families to build networks of support including extended family, friends and communities so that families are not facing problems alone. This will also help reduce the cost of providing services for families.
Families come in all shapes and sizes and we're working with a broad range of people including couples with children, single parents, couples with no children and parents with adult children at home.

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