What checks do we make?

Woman and children walking outdoors During the process we are required to carry out a range of checks.

These include:

  • Disclosure and barring checks
  • Seeking references from employers
  • Contacting ex-partners and children who have left home.

We would also need to contact your GP and organisations such as the probation service, schools and health visitors.

As a prospective new carer you need to provide us with the contact details of two friends for personal references and a family member who would be able to comment on your ability and skills in caring for a child or young person.

We will also want to speak to any adult children you have and in most cases any ex-partners.

You would also be required to undertake a full medical, provided for by us, to determine your physical and emotional suitability to become a foster carer.

Please note, the assessment process can be ended at any time - by yourself if you feel fostering is not right for you, or by us if we decide you should not proceed for whatever reason.

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