Your FosterTalk membership will provide you and your family with an unlimited and extensive range of independent support.

Support includes:

  • Legal expenses insurance. You're protected under FosterTalk's policy in the unfortunate event of an allegation against you or a member of your family (see the policy for full terms and conditions).
  • £10,000 for legal representation at interview under caution.
  • £100,000 for defence against criminal prosecution.
  • £25,000 for defence against a civil claim.
  • £5,000 for legal support to make representation at stage 4 of a barring recommendation (DBS).

Your membership also provides you with unlimited access to:

  • 24 hour legal helpline
  • arrest and interview assistance
  • tax and accountancy and benefits helpline
  • 24 hour counselling helpline
  • independent financial advice
  • education advisory service
  • fostering advisor support
  • access to an online educational website
  • 24 hour medical helpline
  • quarterly magazine
  • online forums
  • access to over 4,000 offers.

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