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We're always looking for local families to adopt and provide much needed permanent homes for local children.

Adoption is the legal process which permanently transfers the responsibilities and duties of a birth parent to an adoptive parent.

Adoption information evening

We'll be providing details of our next information evening soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions about adoption please get in touch.

Could you adopt?

We need people from all walks of life to provide permanent homes for local children through adoption.

We act as an adoption agency, covering the whole of Derbyshire. We don't make any charge for the services we provide, except in the case of overseas adoption.

The decision to adopt a child needs careful thought and we have information to help you make the right choice.

To contact us about becoming an adoptive parent either:

Support for families

You can also find information and support for adoptive parents, birth families, adopted people and people considering giving up a child for adoption.

Adopting overseas

If you are thinking about adopting a child from another country, the process for adopting a child from overseas is similar to that of adopting a UK child but with some additional processes.

If you want to adopt from overseas you're expected to meet with a Derbyshire adoption social worker. You should also attend a consultation day arranged by the Intercountry Adoption Centre (opens in a new window)

Step-parent adoption

You need to tell your local council if you want to adopt your spouse's or partner's child. You must do this at least three months before applying to a court for an adoption order.

The child must also have lived with both of you for at least six months.

The process to adopt is similar to an assessment through an adoption agency. The assessment is used to help a court decide if you can adopt the child (rather than being sent to an independent adoption panel). The court will ask us to provide a report on:

  • your partner
  • the child
  • the other birth parent.

The report will be prepared by a social worker and will be used to help the court make a decision. If granted, the adoption court order gives you parental responsibility for the child - along with your spouse or partner.

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