Medication policies

There are a number of medication policies relating to different client groups or services types. However, there is one medication policy that is applicable to all services types.

Overarching Medication Policy

The overarching medication policy is applicable to all service areas. The policy sets the minimum standards for the provision of assistance to service users, directly supported by our services, and agents acting on our behalf, for the administration of medication.

The policy is written to comply with Royal Pharmaceutical Society guidelines and Care Quality Commission (CQC) standards. All services in the council that have social care service responsibilities and any agencies acting on our behalf, must produce and maintain a policy which sets out how these standards are met.

You are welcome to use any of our policy or procedure documents relating to these matters as the basis for developing your own home or agency documentation.

Below is the general introduction and policy statement for medication policies. A copy of the full overarching medication policy is available in the related documents section of the main adult care section page.

Policy Statement

Our departments with social care responsibilities are committed to providing such support as is necessary to enable individual service users to take their medication in a safe and supportive environment.

Our overarching philosophy is one of enabling service users to remain as independent as possible and to receive assistance with the administration of medication only where necessary, subject to a person specific medication risk assessment.

Service users will be treated as individuals and at all times due consideration will be given to their age, beliefs, opinions, experience, ability, culture and any other factor that could reasonably be foreseen to have an impact on their lives.

As many service users require both social care and health related support, social care employees will work, where required, with staff from other agencies to ensure the best possible care is provided for each service user. This includes partnership working between ourselves, NHS Primary Care Trust staff, family carers and private, voluntary and independent sector providers.

The prescription of medication and the provision of instructions for administering it will be the sole responsibility of suitably qualified medical practitioners.

Assistance with the administering of medication by our employees will only be given as part of another service provided by ourselves eg. residential, day service, domiciliary service, etc., not as a stand alone service provision.

Service specific medication policies will be developed as necessary under the umbrella of this overarching policy statement and subjected to regular review.

Related documents

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