Medication policies

There are a number of medication policies relating to different client groups or services types. However, there is one medication policy that is applicable to all services types.

Medication Management Standards

This guidance sets the minimum standards for the provision of assistance to customers directly supported by Derby City Council People Services Directorate, (Adults and Health) or Derbyshire County Council Adult Care and agents acting on their behalf. The guidance is based upon current legislation and relevant professional published guidance. It is expected by both local authorities that any provider acting on their behalf will ensure that the principles within this document are incorporated into their policy and practice.

An understanding of the Care Act 2014 must be present, particularly the promotion of the principles of wellbeing: Personal dignity, physical and mental health and emotional wellbeing, protection from abuse and neglect, control by the customer over their day to day life including care and support. Planning for customer's care and support should focus on the outcomes they wish to achieve.

Employees should be aware of the individual's cultural background and other factors that impact on their lives and incorporate this into a person-centred approach to care. Ensuring their beliefs and preferences about medicines are understood to enable a shared decision about treatment and that they are able to take/use their medicines as agreed. To engage with customers and/or significant others in promoting an understanding of the medication they are taking. To provide support with choice making including those with regards to prevention and healthy living. To Support them to feel confident enough to share openly their experiences of taking or not taking medicines, their views about what medicines mean to them, and how medicines impact on their daily life. Enabling them to feel able to ask healthcare professionals when they wish to review or have a query or a difficulty with their medicines.
The safe use of medicines is the responsibility of all professionals, healthcare organisations and customers, and should be discussed with them and/or significant others. 

Safety covers all aspects of medicines usage, including unwanted effects, interactions, safe processes and systems, and effective communication between professionals. All care services are expected to ensure that medicines are received, handled, stored, administered, disposed of and recorded in accordance with statutory and regulatory requirements, as well as best practice recommendations. Risk assessments assist in ensuring that incidents of avoidable harm from medicines are reduced.

Managers must be able to provide evidence of on-going auditing and monitoring of all the systems in place with regards to the safe management of medication

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