Health, safety and medication policies for care providers

Ind Providers Safety and Medication

This section contains information about general health and safety issues, medication policies and links to relevant health service information.

Medication policies

There are many medication policies about different client groups or services types. However, the Medication Management Standards attached to this page is for all services types.

This guidance sets the minimum standards for the provision of assistance to customers directly supported by Derby City Council People Services Directorate, (Adults and Health) or us and agents acting on their behalf. The guidance is based upon current legislation and relevant professional published guidance. It is expected by both local authorities that any provider acting on their behalf will ensure that the principles within this document are incorporated into their policy and practice.

The safe use of medicines is the responsibility of all professionals, healthcare organisations and customers, and should be discussed with them and significant others.

Safety covers all aspects of medicines usage, including unwanted effects, interactions, safe processes and systems, and effective communication between professionals. All care services are expected to ensure that medicines are received, handled, stored, administered, disposed of and recorded in accordance with statutory and regulatory requirements, as well as best practice recommendations. Risk assessments assist in ensuring that incidents of avoidable harm from medicines are reduced.

Managers must be able to provide evidence of ongoing auditing and monitoring of all the systems in place with regards to the safe management of medication.

Adult medicines code

The Care Home Medication and Health Related Activities is attached to this page and contains information about:

  • adults in long stay establishments and short term respite care
  • day services
  • procedures for administration of medicines.

Medication policies for domiciliary services

Any of our policy and procedure documents attached to this page can be used as the basis for a policy or procedure in your own agency.

The Home Care Medication and Health Related Activities policy contains information about:

  • prescribed medication
  • problems and solutions
  • disposal of medication
  • recording
  • responsibilities.

Health and safety policies

The health and safety policies attached to this page are written for our adult care department, but may be adapted for use in your establishment or agency.

Homes for older people policies manual

The homes for older people policies manual provides information and guidance on policy for those working with older people. The manual contains information on all the policies required by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and where to find them. The manual contains the policies that we control.

Assured safe catering

Assured safe catering gives information and advice on:

  • hazards and preventative measures and control points
  • monitoring charts
  • training records
  • managing hygiene audits.

Falls prevention in care homes

The attached draft guidance booklet on falls prevention in care homes has been produced with the aim of assisting the care home sector to reduce the number of falls, and to ensure effective treatment and rehabilitation for those who have fallen.

The booklet provides practical advice and sources of further information for care home owners and managers in relation to general safety management, effective falls management programmes, risk factors and utilising resources. The booklet has been produced with reference to relevant health, safety and regulatory bodies.

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