Derbyshire Dignity Campaign

The Dignity Tree

Dignity is the foundation for all health, social care and other public services and is the responsibility of everyone involved at all levels.

Dignity is rightly regarded as a key outcome assessed by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Treating people with dignity and respect

A key test is if you're treating people with the same dignity and respect as you would want for yourself or your family.

There are limitless ways to meet or even exceed expectations about how people are treated so we want to raise the bar as high as we can.

We run a joint campaign with NHS Derbyshire to have dignity champions in every team across the county. Their role is to actively work with their teams to promote a consistent experience of dignity for everyone who receives the service. Evidence of this will be shown by achievement and maintenance of the Derbyshire Dignity Award.

Good luck with your work ahead.

Becoming a Dignity Champion

Register to become a dignity champion for your team (opens in a new window).

The Derbyshire Dignity Award

The Derbyshire Dignity Campaign has been running since 2011 and a many establishments and organisations have achieved the Derbyshire Dignity Award. This is based on a national 10 point dignity challenge.

In 2015 the format changed from bronze and silver awards to a single Derbyshire Dignity Award. A number of teams may have been well underway in their preparation at the time of this change. We don't want any work to be wasted or want to lose teams from the campaign, so we'll look at applications made on older formats. If in doubt please contact us.

Contact us

If you want to know more about what we're doing or want more information on the Dignity Challenge then please contact:

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