What we're doing and having your say

How adult care works main

We offer a wide range of services both directly and in partnership with others. We involve the users of our services, their families and other interested parties in our decision making.

Need an Advocate to help you

The advocate page will give you more information about what advocates can do and how they can support you have your say. There are many different types of advocacy services but an advocate is generally independent and free from conflicts of interest. 

Have your say

In the have your say section you can find information on how we:

  • run our consultations
  • work together to produce our services with you.

You can tell us about a service that was not what you expected, or where you have received a good service through our complaints and praise process.

We can provide information and contacts to advocates. You can join one of the organisations or groups that contribute to decisions about our services.

What you can expect

This section provides information about how we work to provide services delivered to ensure the dignity and respect of those who use them. If you're a service provider then there's a section of information, including how to apply to join the Derbyshire Dignity Campaign Achievers Awards in our Independent Providers Section.

Find how to look at inspection reports on our department and the services we provide.

We let you know what your rights are to data protection, Freedom of Information legislation and how to access your records.

Languages and formats

In this section you will find information on the alternative formats we can provide and links to other information on our website.

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