Self Directed Support

Self directed support (SDS) gives you the control to make decisions about your own life and the services you receive. It's a key part of personalisation.

The self directed support process

To get control of your care and support you will move through the SDS process.


An assessment will need to be completed to find out if you are eligible for support. If you are, it will also identify your support needs.

Resource Allocation System (RAS)

The RAS provides an idea of how much money is available for you to meet your support needs and agreed outcomes.

Making and agreeing a support plan:

Once you know how much money is being provided, you can write your support plan. Help is available to do this if you need it.

The plan must say how you will meet your outcomes and include how you are going to manage any risks. We need to agree the plan.

Organising money

The money is for your support and is called a personal budget.

The budget can be taken in different ways - as a direct payment, managed by us or a combination of both.

Organising the support

You can organise it on your own, with other people that you know and trust or we can do this for you.

Living life

With support in place you can get on and live your life as you wish.

Seeing how it worked

We need to know that the money is being used properly, in line with the support plan, and that your outcomes have been met.

This is called a review and it provides an opportunity to see if any changes are needed.

Self directed support factsheet

The self directed support factsheet is attached below in standard, easy read and large print. It is also available in British Sign Language, English subtitles and voice over on the Adult Care Youtube channel (opens in a new window).

Related documents

The following documents are in Portable Document Format (PDF). You can download software to view PDF documents for free from the Adobe website (opens in a new window)

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