Personal budgets

If you have been assessed as meeting the eligibility for social care support, a personal budget will be calculated. This amount will be to help pay towards your care.

You will know up-front and early what your budget is likely to be. This is so you can begin to plan the support you need, with help if you need it.

Budget calculations

To calculate your personal budget we have developed a resource allocation system which is a way of being able to calculate the budget someone might get.

We will provide you with an estimate or indication of the sum of money that may be available to you to meet your support needs. This is known as an 'indicative budget'.

The actual sum you receive may be more or less, depending on both your personal situation and the local cost and availability of the particular type of support you need.

The final sum to be allocated to you will be finalised only when a support plan has been agreed with you to meet your needs.

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