Adult care brokerage

Our brokerage service finds information about service providers and other resources. For example, agencies that provide help with personal care and activities of daily living.

Brokers match service providers with your choices and preferences. If you cannot find the information about buying services you are looking for on this website, please contact the brokerage team.

How to contact us

If you would like some help in finding providers and other resources, you can contact the brokerage team on 01629 537763 or 01629 537758. You do not need to have had a social care assessment to be able to contact the brokerage team.

If you have had a social care assessment, your social worker can speak to the brokerage team on your behalf, or you can contact us directly yourself.

Who can contact us?

  • You can contact us if you wish to buy social care services yourself, and would like some information about providers.

  • You can contact us if you have had an assessment of your social care needs and been given a personal budget. You must have indicated in your support plan that you want to use social care services to help meet your outcomes.

  • You can contact us on behalf of people wishing to find services.

  • You can contact us for information only, or we can help you to find an appropriate service, based on the information you give to us.

What do brokers do?

  • Find service providers who can meet your needs and choices.

  • Give information about service providers. For example, costs of the service, registration details, star ratings or whether the provider can meet your specific preferences.

  • Arrange the service for you if you have a personal budget and have had your support plan agreed by your social worker.

  • Give information about different types of support available from the statutory, independent and voluntary sector.

  • Give information about a range of different services - day services, homecare, residential and nursing care homes, social activities, luncheon clubs and more.

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