Choosing and buying services

Once your assessment is complete and you have been considered eligible for support, you'll have a range of options as to how your care and support needs are met. Your Adult Care worker will be able to help you choose the best option to suit your needs. 

Our Direct Care services

Subject to availability, you can choose to get support from our in-house care services. We call these our 'direct care services'. Our main service areas are:

  • Home care - this includes home based support and is also known as domiciliary services. This also includes our re-ablement service which is a short term service designed to people to regain their independence after a stay in hospital, a fall or illness.
  • Day opportunities - this includes a range of community support and day centre based care for both older adults and people with learning disabilities.
  • Residential care - services provided in a care home setting.

Independent services

You can choose to get support from a independent provider. For example you may wish to employ a personal assistant to help you to live independently. Or you may choose to receive your support from a home care agency. 

Our brokerage team can help you find a service provider who best meets your needs. You don't need to have had an adult care assessment to use the brokerage service and they'll be able to help you if you wish to buy services privately.

Derbyshire direct care trading

If following as assessment you are not eligible for support from us, or you wish to privately purchase care services, you may choose to buy these from us. It may be possible to buy our direct care home care and day services under our direct care trading policy.

The charges levied under our trading policy are the actual cost to us of providing these services.

Residential services aren't included in the direct care trading as they're subject to different regulations.

Services available to privately purchase to supplement your care and support include:

  • home care services (including sitting services)
  • day services (including a main meal).

This excludes services such as re-ablement and specialist community services, such as those provided by Southcroft or learning disability and mental health community support workers.

If you'd like further advice about purchasing services directly from us please tel: 01629 537763 or 01629 537758. Alternatively you can read the Direct Care Trading Policy attached to this page.

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