Hospitals stays and hospice care

We can offer advice, information and support to help you regain your independence after a hospital stay.

If you need adult care support once you leave hospital, the hospital staff will arrange for an adult care worker to carry out an assessment of your needs.


We also partly fund four local hospices in Derbyshire to provide support to you and your carers if you have a life threatening or terminal illness. 

Pet care

If you need to have a stay in a hospital or hospice you may be worried about who will look after your pet. If you have no family members, friends or neighbours who can help, the following organisations may be able to assist.

The People's Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA)

PDSA Vet Care services are available to pet owners who receive either housing benefit or council tax benefit, and live within a certain distance of each PDSA PetAid hospital or practice. All popular domestic pets are treated, dogs, cats and those described as 'small furries'. For further information, call PDSA on tel: 0800 731 2502


There's information on the RSPCA website (opens in a new window) to support the care of a pet as well as access to telephone advice for the care of a pet or if you're worried about your pet's health. They also have an advice line that you can call on tel: 0300 1234 555 

Local dog warden

If you have a dog, you local dog warden may be able to give you advice on who can help care for your pet. The animals wardens website (opens in a new window) has contact details of all dog wardens in the country.