Approved PA Register - Essential information

It is important that you read all the information below before proceeding to use the Derbyshire approved PA register.

Checks and agreements undertaken by Penderels

As part of a thorough vetting process the following checks are undertaken by Penderels before a personal assistant is included on the Derbyshire Approved PA Register:

  • request a satisfactory Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check be provided by the applicant, no more than three years old, if available
  • two referees contacted for references
  • applicants have undertaken first aid, safeguarding vulnerable adults and person-centred care training in the last three years
  • an initial check of work history is undertaken to verify a person is eligible to work in the UK
  • the PA agrees to the Code of Conduct
  • a contract is signed with Penderels who operate the register for us.

Information provided on the register is accurate to the best of our knowledge. However, this information must not be taken in any way as a warranty by Derbyshire County Council or Penderels Trust about the status of any personal assistant on the register.

Neither Derbyshire County Council nor Penderels Trust will accept any liability whatsoever arising out of the use of information obtained through the register, or any liability arising from employing a PA on the register.

The selection, recruitment and employment responsibilities of using a PA from the register sit entirely with the employer, including undertaking of a DBS check and completing a full check for eligibility to work in this country.

We are committed to safeguarding vulnerable adults through the provision of the register. Many adults have to rely on other people to help them in their day to day living. Because of this they can become vulnerable and at risk of abuse. If you are worried about your safety, or the safety of an adult, please Call Derbyshire on 01629 533190 or visit Safer Derbyshire (opens in a new window) website.

The criteria must be met and maintained. A PA may be removed from the register if they provide false or misleading information, we receive negative feedback from an employer, or if a safeguarding allegation is upheld.

If you are concerned about someone's continued inclusion on the register please contact Penderel Trust on:

Tel:  08456 000 683

Register as a PA

If you are a PA and are interested in joining the register, please see the register as a PA page.


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