Equipment to help you

There is a vast range of equipment designed to help people live safely at home. We can provide support with many of these but many items can also be bought independently and at low cost.

Examples of equipment which can be purchased

  • grab rails
  • raised toilet seats
  • extended grabbers
  • medication dispensers
  • automatic curtain closures
  • talking clocks
  • urine bottles
  • adapted cutlery
  • kitchen aids
  • commodes.

If you need equipment because of a physical disability or a health condition then you need to contact your GP. They'll assess which piece of equipment is correct for you and if approved will arrange for it to be supplied.

Examples of equipment supplied by health services

  • walking aids (walking sticks and frames)
  • wheelchairs
  • pressure relieving equipment
  • incontinence supplies.


The Disability Living Foundation have developed a simple online self assessment tool called Ask SARA (opens in a new window) which allows you to find products that may solve your daily living problems. By answering a series of questions about how you manage with daily tasks, Ask SARA will give you a report that offers advice and suggests equipment that could assist you with:

  • daily living activities, such as preparing meals and getting dressed
  • activities around the home, such as bathing and managing the toilet
  • equipment to help you with health conditions, including medication management and aids to assist with reaching and handling objects.

You can sometimes solve daily living problems by taking practical steps rather than looking to specialist equipment. For example, you may find that your bed is too low and you struggle to get out safely but instead of buying equipment such as grab handles and bed raisers, it may be better to buy a new bed or mattress that is higher. 

The reports generated by Ask SARA are written by their own team of occupational therapists. Our own staff haven't had any input to its development.

Equipment supplied by adult care

If deemed necessary, we'll complete an assessment of your needs and arrange with the Derbyshire Integrated Community Equipment Service (ICES) for you to loan the equipment for as long as your needs remain the same.

If your needs change, and you need different equipment, you must return the original equipment to the ICES when the new equipment is received.

Any electrical or mechanical equipment will be serviced and maintained by the ICES. This is a legal requirement and you must be willing and available to have the equipment serviced when contacted by ICES.

If your care needs are complex and are affecting your ability to maintain your personal hygiene safely, or access vital facilities within your home, then your request will be referred to an occupational therapist (OT) who will arrange to visit you at home.

The OT will complete an assessment of your needs and your home facilities and identify whether equipment or adaptations are required.

We also offer a falls alert service which provides additional support and reassurance if you're at risk of falling.

How to access the service

If you think a piece of equipment would assist you or a family member with daily living please Call Derbyshire tel: 01629 533190.

If you live in social accommodation

Your landlord or housing association should actively seek to provide adaptations which ensure you remain safe and well in your home, so please contact your landlord first to request any adaptation you may need. Examples of adaptations often supplied are grab rails, adapted taps, sliding doors, external handrails and ramps.

We also have information about home adaptations, such as stair lifts and widening doorways.

Useful contacts

The Red Cross (opens in a new window) operates a volunteer-led medical equipment service that provides wheelchair hire and short-term loans of equipment. The service helps people return to their own homes after a hospital stay. Local telephone numbers:

  • Matlock, tel: 01629 593320
  • Ripley, tel: 01773 742108
  • Chesterfield, tel: 01246 470571.

Remap (opens in a new window) (Derby) are a group of engineers who design and make bespoke aids for disabled people or can adapt existing equipment. Remap makes bespoke products - they do not supply anything that is available commercially. Tel: 01332 552788 or email:

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