Eating well

older-cook We've launched a campaign to help tackle malnutrition in Derbyshire's older people.

It's not something that's often talked about - we're all more used to hearing about obesity - but malnutrition in older people is a serious problem.

This campaign will help everyone to spot the symptoms in older friends and relatives and offer practical ways to help.

Malnourishment and dehydration cause serious health problems - including infections, depression and falls.

Most elderly people affected still live in their own homes and nationally more than three million are at risk.

It's also a common cause of admission to hospitals and care homes and costs the taxpayer billions of pounds a year.

Our booklet, How to eat well: a guide for older people who are underweight is attached to this page for download.

We'll be working closely with local GPs, hospitals, voluntary groups and carers.

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