Choosing a care home

There are many different types of care home in Derbyshire where a number of people live together and are looked after by care staff 24 hours per day.

Finding a care home - lists, availability and help

We run several residential homes as well as contracting with independent providers and nursing homes across the county. You can find out more about care homes in Derbyshire:

All of these information sources contain both local authority, private and voluntary-run homes.

A list of questions you may find useful to help you select the right home for you when making your choice is attached to this page.

Residential care homes

Regulated residential care homes are for people over the age of 18 who are no longer able to remain living independently at home due to physical or learning disabilities, sight or hearing loss, frailty or illness.

Nursing care homes

Nursing care provides accommodation, meals, assistance with personal care, and access to qualified nursing staff on duty 24 hours a day.

Care home regulation

Registered care homes are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (opens in a new window). They're inspected to make sure they reach an approved standard. If you're looking for a care home, it's worth visiting their website where you'll find further information including star ratings and copies of inspection reports. Copies of the report should also be made available to view at the home.

Paying for care

When choosing a care home, it's important to make sure that the fees are affordable now and in the longer term. If you have savings above £23,250 this will mean that you must pay for the full costs of your care. Those who have savings or capital under this threshold will receive some financial support following an assessment of their finances. Find out more about the costs of residential and nursing care.

Short stays, short term care and respite care

Short breaks, respite or short term care is for people who require assistance with personal care because of disability, frailty, mental ill health or who are recovering from a period of ill health or family difficulty.

The service also gives carers the chance to take a break.

Respite or short term care is usually provided within a residential or nursing home. However, it can also be provided in an adult placement scheme or as short term, emergency home-based respite.

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