Derbyshire wills

From 1858, proving wills (and granting letters of administration if there was no will) became a civil responsibility.

In Derbyshire, this work was carried out by Derby Probate Registry. We hold the records of the registry, including copies of all wills proved at Derby between 1858 and 1928. To find out if we hold a specific will, you can search our wills database by surname, area and year of probate.

For wills before 1858, wills were proved in church courts. Derbyshire was in the Diocese of Lichfield, and surviving probate records are held by Lichfield Record Office (opens in a new window). For advice on other sources for wills before 1858, see Wills or Administrations before 1858 Guide (opens in a new window) produced by the National Archives.

For wills after 1928, you can order these online from the Probate Service (opens in a new window). Contact details for local Probate Registries can be found using the Government's Court and Tribunal Finder (opens in a new window).

To request a scanned copy of a will, use the order form in the related documents section of this page. The price per page is 30p.

Copies can be sent by email at no additional cost, or by post for an additional 30p per page, plus postage (see postage prices in the related documents section).

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