Derbyshire wills

We hold Derbyshire wills between 1858 and 1928. Copies of these wills can be provided on request.

Wills, 1858-1928

From 1858, proving wills (and granting letters of administration if there was no will) became a civil responsibility. In Derbyshire, this work was carried out by the Derby Probate Registry.

To find out if we hold a specific will, you can search our online wills database by surname, area and year of probate.

Copies are charged per page, plus a handling fee, and postage. If you identify a will you would like to order, please click the price and complete the details as requested. The order form should be printed, signed, and posted to

Derbyshire Record Office
County Hall

Additional entries can be added to the order form after printing.

Our postage prices can be found under shop.

Wills before 1858 and after 1928

Before 1858, wills and administrations were the responsibility of the ecclesiastical courts. As Derbyshire came within the Diocese of Lichfield, these records are held at Lichfield Record Office. To search their online database, please click the link in the information on other websites section.

If you wish to contact Lichfield Record Office, their details:

Lichfield Record Office
The Friary
WS13 6QG

Tel: 01543-510720
Web: (opens in a new window)

The Derby Probate Registry was closed in 1928, and responsibility for Derbyshire wills and administrations passed to what is now the Nottingham Probate Sub-Registry:

Nottingham Probate Sub-Registry
Butt Dyke House
33 Park Row

Tel: 0115 941 4288

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