Derbyshire Record Office

Derbyshire Record Office

Our new-look record office, combining both the archives and local studies services, is open to bring Derbyshire's fascinating past to life for residents, visitors and students.

What we do

We're responsible for Derbyshire's archives. These are original documents created by individuals, families or organisations in the normal course of their lives.

We provide the archive service for Derbyshire, Derby City and the Diocese of Derby.

Archives in record offices are cared for by professionally qualified archivists. Archives are an important source of original evidence.

We hold more than four miles of original Derbyshire records which you can view for free in our search room in Matlock.

The Local Studies Library collection contains printed material on all aspects of life in Derbyshire.

Information about what records we hold is on our guides and catalogues page, but it's not possible to view the records themselves on our website.

We carry out preservation work to ensure the records remain available to future generations.

We also work with other county council departments to manage their current records.

Our helpful and friendly staff will be able to advise you how to use the Record Office.

This includes how to find the information you are looking for and how to take your research further.

If you'd like some advice before your visit, call 01629 539209 or email

You may be interested in attending one of our 'introductions to the searchroom' sessions.

What records do we have?

We have a vast collection of original Derbyshire material which can be used for family, house and local history.

You can now search online for archive collections we hold using our record office guide.

Visit our records to check our source guides to types of records, such as parish registers and to search our online catalogue.

We are part of the CARN scheme

We are now part of the CARN (County Archives Research Network) registration scheme.

These tickets are free, they're valid for four years and will give you access to any record office that belongs to the research network. If you don't already have one, you can register at the beginning of your visit. All you need is some proof of identity, showing your name, address and signature.

Our visiting us page includes opening hours and advice on planning your visit.

Our services

We can answer general enquiries about collections by telephone, post or email - see how to contact us for more details.

For more complex or detailed enquiries, we offer a specialised search service.

Copies of specific documents may be ordered from us using our copying services.

Members of the public can now take their own photographs of documents which are viewed in the record office through the photography service.

We have a range of items in our shop including tithe maps on CD, source guides, and conservation materials.

Introductions to the Record Office

Who are we? What do we do? What collections do we hold?

If you have ever pondered these questions then come along to one of our introductions to the record office sessions.

Our list of events (opens in a new window) is out now.


Find out about our introductory sessions, and our new online exhibitions which showcase special items from our collections.

We also offer services for schools and teachers. This includes curriculum-based resource packs and individually tailored packs about the history of your school.

You can also keep up to date with news and discoveries on our blog (opens in a new window).

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