Local studies and local history

Old Dam Pump - Peak Forest 1944

Find out more about your community and research the history of your house or family.

Local studies libraries collect information on:

  • towns and villages

  • houses and buildings

  • industries and organisations

  • local individuals and families

  • traditions, customs and folklore.           

All Derbyshire libraries have a basic range of local history books you can borrow. Larger libraries have reference collections including local newspapers, census returns, maps and photographs for their local area. These reference collections are available, free of charge, for everybody to use.

There are also two major local studies collections at Chesterfield Library and Derbyshire Record Office. Here specialist staff are always available to offer advice and assistance with your research.

Ancestry database

You can access AncestryLibrary.com at any Derbyshire Library for free. 

Online resources

Visit our websites to find out more about the history of Derbyshire and surrounding area.

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