Breastfeeding welcome in libraries

Breastfeeding welcome

We aim to create an atmosphere in which breastfeeding mothers may feel comfortable and relaxed when using our libraries and we have a "Breastfeeding Welcome Here" pledge to support this.

Our commitment to breastfeeding mothers:

  • we acknowledge and support the rights of women to breastfeed their children within the library
  • we will respond in a positive manner when our support is required
  • if a mother wishes to breastfeed her baby in private, we will advise her of the facilities available and do our best to provide her with a quiet space to do so
  • if a mother is happy to feed her baby in a public area, we will offer her a chair for her comfort and convenience
  • we will ensure that our pledge is carried out in all libraries
  • we will display our commitment to "Breastfeeding Welcome Here" in all libraries by raising awareness amongst our users
  • we will not ask the breastfeeding mother to stop or move to another area of the library if we receive complaints from other library users.

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