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Delve into Derbyshire

During June we're showcasing Derbyshire's rich literary and historical heritage and landscapes, inviting readers to "Delve into Derbyshire". As well as established writers hailing from the county, such as novelist Hilary Mantel, crime writers Stephen Booth, Steven Dunne and Anne Zouroudi, and children's writer Berlie Doherty, there are many other authors connected with or based in Derbyshire.

The latest fiction writing talent includes Tracy Bloom , Sarah Ward, Sunjeev Sahota, Anne Goodwin, Joanna Courtney, Joanne Cannon, C. J. Flood… it's a growing list.

For non-fiction fans, there is Helen Moat's travel book about Derbyshire while poet Helen Mort's latest poetry collection No Map Could Show Them is published this month.

Each library in the county will be featuring its own unique "Delve into Derbyshire" display, so drop in, see what's on offer and check out a book.

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