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Happiness is a good book

A recent report about reading habits (opens in a new window) indicated that people who read books are significantly more likely to be happy and content with their life. Of those surveyed, 76% say that reading improves their life and a similar number say it helps to make them feel good.

This is great news for readers and good news for libraries where you can browse, dip into or borrow a book to suit your needs on any particular day.

Most of us read different types of books at different times; you could say life is a reading journey with many literary encounters en route. Libraries are perfectly suited to helping you find what you want at any particular staging post along the way.

Books can spirit you away from the humdrum, challenge or comfort you, alleviate stress and boredom, teach you a new skill or broaden your mind.

In our libraries you can find places to sit and think or read, time for yourself. We encourage you to share your reading with others at a reading group or book cafe; or you can get creative with a writing workshop, read aloud to your child or sit back and listen to an author discussing their work.

Whether you want a Mood Boosting Book (opens in a new window) or the latest crime thriller we are here to help.

 You can search the library catalogue online or ask a member of library staff for help.



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